Super mobile. The HumanToolz Mobile Stand is ultra lightweight at 0.15 pounds (or 2.5 ounces) – that's about 50% less than the weight of the Smart Cover and up to 90% less than alternative cases!  The stand is as thin as 0.06 inches (or 0.15 cm) at each corner and 0.21 inches (or 0.54 cm) at the hinge. Currently there are two configurations supporting the iPad 2 and the new iPad (3rd or 4th generations).

Quality design worthy of the new iPad. The stand is made of high quality aluminum alloy commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries.  The high pressure molding process yields mechanical and aesthetic qualities that are aesthetically impressive, functionally sound, and extremely lightweight. Secondary precision machining ensures accurate tolerances to within thousandths of an inch, critical for optimal fit to the iPad.  The net result is an exceptional quality look and feel.

Secure, natural fit. The Mobile Stand attaches securely as though it was part of the iPad's original design.  The stand is designed to stay on once attached to your iPad. You never need to remove it, though you can if needed.  Plus the stand improves how well the iPad feels and fits in your hands. It curves ergonomically above the central hinge area for natural finger placement when holding your iPad.  And the high strength aluminum’s finish is gorgeous, beautifully matching the back of the iPad.

Attaching the stand. The Mobile Stand attaches securely to the iPad.  Once the top corners of the iPad are aligned with the stand you simply snap the corners into place. We have published some additional methods for attaching your Mobile Stand to your iPad: the "bottom corners" attach method and the "side" attach method.


Attention to details. We spent countless hours working through every design detail to ensure the Mobile Stand is a joy to use.  Incredible care has been taken to ensure how the stand will perform each and every time you open the kickstand.  And while some of the stand's attributes will go unnoticed once attached to your iPad, each element plays a critical role.


Top Side View of the Mobile Stand:


NOTE: Always locate your fingers on the Pull Tab when opening or closing the kickstand.


Bottom Side View of the Mobile Stand:

ZDnet: “The HumanToolz Stand for the iPad may be the perfect accessory … possible to use the iPad in a nearly infinite number of positions. … It is so versatile and useful … I've been using a prototype without any issues and love this stand.”

"I absolutely love it!!! Definitely a must for any iPad owner ..."

Thomas (customer)

Forbes: “… one of the coolest and useful iPad stands I’ve used in a very long time … I have nearly an infinite numbers of angles I can situate the stand to match the most comfortable spot for my head, hands, and glare… I found the design full of attentive details, similar to the Apple iPad itself.”

"... Awesome!!! ... overall i love it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has an iPad 2-4th generation."

Tom (customer)

Tech.pinions: "Apple has kept stands other than the Smart Cover out of it retail stores, maybe on grounds of general ugliness. They ought to give the HumanToolz version a good look."

"... awesome, exactly what I hoped for! Now you have to make one for the iPad mini and iPhone!"

Rick (customer)

AppleMagazine: "The Best iPad Stand ... blows anything you have seen before out of the water."

"I've been using it for a couple days and love it. ... I find myself using it all the time. It matches with the ipad so well I actually was using it over my laptop sitting in front of me at my desk."

Jon (customer)

technologytell: "... the HumanToolz Mobile Stand brings a level of versatility and elegant design not seen in other iPad stand cases."

"Works better than expected. Thank you."

Scott (customer)

Pocketables: "It definitely has a Apple-esque feel to it, and if Apple ever decided to integrate a stand directly into the iPad, I have a feeling it would be rather similar to this."

"Loving it ! Very intuitive design, easy to use, where's the mini at? ;-P"

Erik (customer)

intomobile: "We love it..."

"Received my new stand yesterday. It's awesome ... My wife wants one now. :) DPJ"

David (customer)

gadgetmac: "...HumanToolz has created something that will rid our iPad woes."

"I am THRILLED with the mobile stand for my iPad 2! Great job! Excellent materials, construction, functionality, and it installed easily and perfectly. Makes the iPad so much better!"

Jim (customer)

BiteMyApple: "Favorite Kickstarter Projects"

"The stand arrived last week and was immediately put to good use. It's well-made, attractive and highly functional! Congratulations on a great project."

Austin (customer)

The Most Versatile Mobile Stand for iPad


Continuous and precise viewing angles. Landscape or portrait orientation. Stable. Lightweight. Perfect rear surface protection. Works with the Apple® Smart Cover.


Today's iPad accessory cases and stands have become a major source of frustration. They only support limited viewing angles via clumsy and awkward configurations. Equally problematic, today's case-stands are heavy, cumbersome and unattractive. You deserve a better solution.

We have created a stand truly worthy of the iPad featuring a minimalist all-aluminum design that offers the most natural, mobile-friendly fit to the iPad.

The Humantoolz Mobile Stand supports unlimited viewing angles and operates in both landscape and portrait modes. It offers perfect four corner and rear surface protection while working with the Apple Smart Cover® for superior all-around protection. And the stand features a minimalist all-aluminum design that offers the most natural, mobile-friendly fit to the iPad. In short, it is the most versatile mobile stand for iPad.

Endless viewing angles. By using the same precision hinge technology found in MacBook Air® notebooks, the integrated kickstand supports any desired viewing angle in smooth and precise fashion, time after time. Support for any angle allows people of all heights to gain an optimal, comfortable view of their iPad while seated or standing and regardless of the distance to the iPad.

The stand will hold its position at any angle to support touch input for all of your iPad apps. The HumanToolz Mobile Stand even has a "keyboard stop" location that allows you to securely place the iPad at the optimal on-screen typing angle.

Landscape or portrait?  Both, of course. Unlike most iPad cases and stands, the HumanToolz Mobile Stand supports both landscape and portrait orientations. Simply rotate your iPad 90 degrees and adjust the HumanToolz kickstand. Now you gain the much-needed flexibility to view documents and websites tailored to portrait viewing.

Stable across all surfaces. We designed the kickstand to be very stable everywhere you use your iPad.  This includes uneven, wobbly airline tray tables (even with turbulence), on a pillow, sofas or even in your bed.

Works with the Apple Smart Cover to provide 360-degree protection. Adding the HumanToolz Mobile Stand provides perfect protection (without lots of bulk or added weight) for the rear of the new iPad from everyday handling.

The 4-corner, high strength aluminum design protects each corner and prevents the entire rear of the iPad from making contact with harmful surfaces.  As an added advantage to this combination, the magnetically attached Smart Cover remains easy to remove when not needed.

For all your apps. Watch movies.  Make FaceTime calls.  Email.  Play games.  Browse the web.  Get work done.  And more.  The Mobile Stand enhances your comfort and interaction with any app.

Simple. Smart.  Right here in the USA. Simple, smart designs form the foundation of the HumanToolz philosophy. We apply that same philosophy to choosing our suppliers and manufacturing partners. From initial ideation to design to prototype to assembly, we have partnered with US companies to make the Mobile Stand a reality. Manufacturing assembly takes place in Tennessee. The result is a world-class product representative of the innovation, ingenuity, and quality found in the USA.


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